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Maria Matuscak

Website Developer
Fred Barkhouse

Contributing Individuals:
Alice Brown, Lucille H. Campey, Heather Colautti, Barbara Dewar, June Dey, Bill Fernie, Ian and Janet Hart, Moira Hart, Marjorie Hart-Rocheleau, George Kay, Robert James Bamberry, Ian Kendall, Elliot MacFarlane, Rob and Adele McLennan, Annajayne Hawley-MacNeil, Bob Murray, Anne Rutherford, Brian and Linda Urquhart, Tom Vajdik, Sandra Willick.

Contributing Organizations:
Hart School of Highland Dance; Hawley School of Highland Dance; MacFarlane's Company; Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Windsor Branch; Scottish Club of Windsor; Scottish Society of Windsor Pipe Band; St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church of Windsor; St. Andrew's Society of Detroit; Tartan Army; Wallaceburg and District Community Museum; Windsor's Community Museum; The Highland Council.

Special thanks to:

Sue Berthiaume, Project Officer, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada
Eugene Crosby, JCP Case Manager, Career Development Service
Jean Foster, Acting CEO, Windsor Public Library
Corinne Despierre-Corporon, Project Web Developer, Windsor Public Library

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