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Scottie Doll (for teens and adults):

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In the nineteenth century, George Douglas, 4th Earl of Dumbarton, called his courageous pack of fearless Scottish terriers the "Diehards"; hence the breed's nickname, the "little diehard." Below you'll find a pattern you can use to make a stuffed felt "diehard" - a perfect gift for your Scottish enthusiast or dog lover. (And it's much easier to housebreak than a regular Scottie dog!)

Scottie Doll

Recommended ages: 14 and up

You'll need:

1.5 square feet of felt material
Fabric shears
Sewing needle
2 buttons for eyes
Tartan ribbon


  1. Print out the pattern below. From your material of choice, cut two pieces of the body, two pieces of the underbelly, and one piece of the head. (Note that since the material recommended is felt, the pattern makes no allowances for seams.)
  2. First sew each piece part to the body piece then, sew the head piece to one of the body pieces. Stitch the two body pieces together, saving the seam between the two leg pieces for last.
  3. Fill the doll with stuffing until it is firm. Then sew a seam between the two leg pieces.
  4. Stitch on the button eyes and tie the tartan ribbon in a bow around the doll's neck.
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