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First Dog of the United States
First Dog of the United States

The Scots contributed a disproportionate number of leaders to Canada's early political scene. Thrifty and hard-working with a strong sense of integrity, these pioneers possessed all of the characteristics necessary for leadership in the blossoming government of British North America. But a shared Scots ancestry didn't necessarily mean shared political values or philosophies: some of them were radical Reformers; others clung to the old British hierarchies; some longed for a distinctly new Canada. As they ascended to the premierships of their provinces and took the reigns of leadership in the federal government, they steered the young country toward Dominion and brought Canada into the modern world. And in the twentieth century, Scotswomen daringly paved the way for their sisters in government, smashing through the glass ceiling of federal politics. Today's contribution of Canadians of Scots ancestry to politics is evidenced in figures such as British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell, New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham, and former Prime Minister Peter MacKay.

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