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Archibald McNee (1845-1925):

Archibald McNee
Archibald McNee

Archibald McNee's parents immigrated to Perth, Ontario, from Perthshire, Scotland, some time before 1845. Just a year shy of thirty, McNee moved out to Winnipeg in 1874 and joined the Manitoba Free Press. He worked his way up to become the paper's managing editor, and represented it for five years in the Press Gallery of the House of Commons - of which he was president in 1885 - in Ottawa.

In 1888, McNee moved to Windsor and bought the Windsor Weekly Record, which he made into a daily two years later. In 1890 McNee also established the Evening Record, from which he retired in 1905.

Never having been contented in idleness, McNee also became incredibly active in the community following his retirement, sitting on both the City Council and the Board of Education. The Baptist Church enjoyed his patronage as well: he served it as a deacon and Sunday School superintendent, and was even president of the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Québec one year. McNee was also the president of a host of social and philanthropic organizations, including the YMCA, the Windsor Horticultural Society, the Board of Trade, the St. Andrew's Society of Windsor, and the North Essex Farmers' Institute and North Essex Agricultural Society.

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