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Suggested Reading

(All texts are available in the Windsor Public Library, Central Branch, unless otherwise noted)

The Scots in Windsor and Essex:

Duty Nobly Done: the Official History of the Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment
Antal, Sandy, and Kevin R. Shackleton, Walkerville Publishing: Windsor, Ont., 2006
356.113 ANT
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Ontario History, "James Dougall and the Founding of Windsor, Ontario."
Armstrong, Frederick H., Vol. 76, No. 1 (1984): 48-64
Reference Magazines, Ontario History

McKee Rankin and the Heydey of the American Theater
Beasley, David, Wilfrid Laurier University Press: Waterloo, Ont., 2002
931.1 Rankin McKee
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Essex County Historical Society Papers and Addresses "Windsor St. Andrew's Society"
Braid, Andrew, Vol. 3 (1921): 24-32
971.332 Es7

The Silver Chief: Lord Selkrik and the Scottish Pioneers of Belfast, Baldoon and Red River
Campey, Lucille H., Natural Heritage Books: Toronto, 2003
971.00491 SEL
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The Scottish Pioneers of Upper Canada, 1784-1855: Glengarry and Beyond
---, Natural Heritage Books: Toronto, 2005
946.1 Glengarry Scottish

Men of Achievement: Vol. I-II
Chauvin, Francis X., Curtis Co. Ltd.: Windsor, 1927, 1929
R 920 CHA
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Essex County Historical Society Papers and Addresses "Passing of Moy Hall"
Cleary, Francis, Vol. 3 (1921): 59-64
971.332 Es7

Essex County Historical Society Papers and Addresses "The Battle of Windsor: James Dougall's Accounts."
---, Vol. 2 (1915): 23-29
971.332 Es7

Uppermost Canada: the Western District and the Detroit Frontier
Douglas, R. Alan, Wayne State University Press: Detroit, 2001
971.332 DOU
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The Scotch
Galbraith, John Kenneth, MacMillan: Toronto, 1964
917.1334 Gal
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The Western District "Angus Mackintosh, the Baron of Moy Hall"
Hoskins, Ronald G., K. G. Dryke and L. L. Kulisek, eds., Essex County Historical Society: Windsor, Ont., 1979. 145-158
971.33102 Wes
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Essex County Historical Society Papers and Addresses "How Windsor Got Its Name"
MacDonald, George F., Vol. 3 (1921): 33-49
971.332 Es7

Baldoon: Lord Selkirk's Settlement in Upper Canada
Mackenzie, A. E. D., Dr. George Kerr, ed., Phelps Publishing Co.: London, Ont., 1978
971.333 McK

Garden Gateway to Canada: One Hundred Years of Windsor and Essex County, 1854-1954
Morrison, Neil F., Ryerson Press: Toronto, 1954
971.331 Mor
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One Hundred Years: A History of the Essex Golf and Country Club, 1902-2002
Murphy, Jeff, and Richard Carr, Walkerville Publishing Co.: Windsor, Ont., 2002
796.352 MIN
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The Township of Sandwich, Past & Present
Neal, Frederick, Essex County Historical Association: Windsor, Ont., 1979
971.331 NEA

The Story of the Talbot Settlement 1803-1840: A Frontier History of Southwestern Ontario
Paddon, Wayne, Wayne Paddon: Canada, 1975
971.3302 PAD
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In the Shadow of Detroit: Gordon McGregor, Ford of Canada, and Motoropolis
Roberts, David, Wayne State University Press: Detroit, 2006
R 629.222092 MCG
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Ontario History "Pioneers of the Scotch Settlement on the Shore of Lake St. Clair."
Wallace, Malcolm W., 41.4 (1949): 173-200
Reference Magazines, Ontario History

The Scots in North America:

The Scottish Canadians
Andrews, Allen, Van Nostrand Reinhold Ltd.: Toronto, 1981
971.004 AND

The Scots in Canada
Bumsted, J. M., Canadian Historical Association: Ottawa, 1982
971.004 Bum

After the Hector: the Scottish Pioneers of Cape Breton and Nova Scotia
Campey, Lucille H., National Heritage Books: Ottawa, 2004
971.6004 CAM

Les Écossais: the pioneer Scots of Lower Canada, 1763-1855
---, Natural Heritage Books: Toronto, 2006
971.4004 CAM

How the Scots Created Canada
Cowan, Paul, Dragon Hill Publishing Inc.: Edmonton, 2006
971.00491 COW

Tales and Memories of Cromar and Canada
Farquharson, Donald Robert, The Planet Publishing Co.: Chatham, Ont. [date unknown.]
929.2 FAR

How the Scots Made America
Fry, Michael, Dunne Books: New York, 2005
973.04916 FRY (Seminole Library)

Scots in Canada: a history of the settlement of the Dominion from the earliest days to the present time
Gibbon, John Murray, Musson: Toronto, 1911
971 GIB

Great Emigrations: the Scots to Canada
Hill, Douglas, Gentry Books: London, 1972
304.8 HIL

A History of the County of Pictou, Nova Scotia
Patterson, George, Mika Studio: Belleville, Ont., 1972
971.613 PAT

The Scot in British North America
Rattray, W. J., Maclear & Co.: Toronto, 1880
971.R18 [4 Volumes]

The Scottish Tradition in Canada
Reid, W. Standford, ed., McClelland & Stewart: Toronto, 1976
305.89163 REI

The collected writings of Lord Selkirk, 1799-1809
Selkirk, Thomas Douglas, 5th earl of, J. M. Bumsted, ed. Manitoba Record Society: Winnipeg, 1984
R 971.2701 SEL

The Narrative of a Scotsman in Upper Canada
Sellar, Robert, Clarke, Irwin & Co.: Toronto, 1969
917.13 SEL

A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada before Confederation
Whyte, David, Vol. 1-4. Ontario Genealogical Society: Toronto, 1986, 1995, 2002, 2005
929.9 WHY V.1-4

Scottish History:

Robert Bruce and the community of the realm of Scotland
Barrow, Geoffrey W. Stewart, Eyre & Spottiswoode: London, 1965
941.102092 ROB

The Age of the Picts
Cummins, W. A., Alan Sutton: Gloucester, 1995
941.101 CUM

Charles Edward Stuart: the life and times of Bonnie Prince Charlie
Daiches, David, Thames and Hudson: New York, 1973
941.07092. CHA

Scotland: the Shaping of a Nation
Donaldson, Gordon, Charles & David: New Abbot, 1974
941 DON

How the Scots invented the Modern World: the true story of how Western Europe's poorest nation created our world & everything in it
Herman, Arthur, Crown Business: New York, 2001
941.1 HER

Prehistoric Scotland
MacSween, Ann, and Mick Sharp, New Amsterdam: New York, 1989
936.11 MCS

Rob Roy Macgregor: his life and times
Murray, W. H., Canongate Press: Edinburgh, 1982
941.106092 ROB

The Battle of Bannockburn, 1314
Nusbacher, Aryeh, Tempus: London, 2002
942.036092. EDW

The lion in the North
Prebble, John, . Secker & Warburg: London, 1971
941 PRE (Seminole Library)

Mutiny: Highland Regiments in revolt, 1743-1804
---, Secker & Warburg: London, 1975
355.1334 PRE

Britannia's Children: emigration from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland since 1600
Richards, Eric, Hambledon & London: London, 2004
304.809 RIC

A History of the Scottish People, 1560-1830
Smout, T. Christopher, Readers Union/Collins: London, 1969
R 941 SMO

Scottish Culture:

Highland Dress, Arms, and Ornament
Campbell, Lord Archibald, Dawsons: Folkstone, 1969
R 739.70941 CAM

Robert Burns
Daiches, David, Rinehart & Co.: New York, 1950
821.6 Bur

The Tartans of the Clans and Families of Scotland
Innes, Sir Thomas, Sixth Ed. W. & A. K. Johnston and G. W. Bacon: Edinburgh and London, 1958
R 929.2 IN6

An Innocent in Scotland: More Curious Rambles and Singular Encounters
McFadden, David W., McClelland & Stewart: Toronto, 1999
914.11 McF

Folklore "The Folklore of Northern Scotland: Five Discourses on Cultural Representation"
Porter, James, Vol. 109 (1998): 1-14
Reference Magazines, Folklore

The Scottish People: Their Clans, Families and Origins
Rennie, James Alan, Hutchinson & Co: London, 1960
929.2 R29

More Highland Folk Tales
Robertson, R. MacDonald, Oliver: Toronto. 1964
398.2 R54

Scottish literature since 1707
Walker, Marshall, Longman: London, 1996
820.9 WAL

The poets and poetry of Scotland from the earliest to the present time
Wilson, James Grant, Harper & Bros.: New York, 1875
821 W69 V.2

The Clarsach: an Anthology of Scottish Verse
MacDonald, H. M., ed., Copp Clark: Toronto,1955
821.08 MCD

Teach yourself Gaelic dictionary
Robertson, Boyd, Teach Yourself: London, 2004
491.63321 ROB

Texts available at the Leddy Library, University of Windsor Public Library:

The People's Clearance: Highland emigration to British North America. 1770-1815
Bumsted, J. M., Edinburgh University Press: Edinburgh, 1982
FC106.S3 B8

A Companion to Scottish Culture
Daiches, David, Holmes & Meier: New Jersey, 1982

A Hotbed of Genius: the Scottish Enlightenment, 1730-1790
---, Edinburgh University Press: Edinburgh. 1986
DA812.H67 1986

The Paradox of Scottish Culture: the eighteenth-century experience
---, Oxford University Press: Oxford, 1964
DA812 .D3

Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales
Douglas, George Brisbane, Arno Press: New York, 1977
GR144 .D68 1977

History of the Highland Clearances
Mackenzie, Alexander, 2nd Ed. Eneas Mackay: Stirling, 1914
HD615 .M251914

Prebble, John, Secker & Warburg: London, 1965

A History of the Scottish People, 1830-1950
Smout, T. Christopher, Yale University Press: London, 1986
DA815 .S66 1986

Scotland and Europe: 1200-1850
---, J. Donald: Edinburgh, 1986
D1065.G7 S36 1986

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