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Highland Bag Pipes
Highland Bag Pipes

Go to any local parade and count the number of bagpipes you see. That's an easy way to realize the extent to which Scottish music has influenced Windsor. The city is full of pipe bands and Highland dance schools, and even maintains a healthy Scottish country dancing community. The popularity of local Celtic rock bands such as Celtic Cross and Tartan Army, moreover, helps to foster pan-Celtic culture in the mainstream.

The continuing popularity of the ceilidh (pronounced "kay-lee") is another testament to the importance traditional music and dance still play in Scottish culture. Roughly translated from Gaelic to mean a "house-visit," ceilidhs were essentially communal parties where people would sing, dance, play music, tell stories, and enjoy a dram of Scottish whisky. Attending a ceilidh was - and still is - a perfect way to pass long a night.

Tartan Army Performance  Tartan Army Performance 

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