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Some of the most influential philosophers and academics of the Western world have hailed from Scotland. Their ideas have changed the ways people look at everything from religion to human nature to metaphysics. They have founded such areas of study such as economics, sociology, geoscience and paleobiology. Indeed, nineteenth century French politician and writer, Charles François Marie, Comte de Rémusat, wrote with great admiration that Scotland must rank among the most enlightened [nation] in the universe. Politics, religion and literature have made of Scotland something beyond compare.

  • John Duns Scotus - Theologian & Philosopher

  • John Knox - Clergyman & Protestant Reformation Leader

  • Francis Hutcheson - Philosopher & a Founding Father of Scottish Enlightenment

  • David Hume - Philosopher, Historian & a Key figure in the Scottish Enlightenment

  • Adam Smith - Moral philosopher & a Key Figure of the Scottish Enlightenment

  • James Hutton - Geologist, Physician, Naturalist, Chemist and Experimental Farmer

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